Services we provide:

  • we write and publish positive reviews about your bussiness;
  • we promote your website to search engines; ex: this microsite is build to rank for “buy positive reviews”;
  • we create blogs, microsites, and website for your bussiness;

Case study

John has a pizza restaurand in New York and wants more customers by improving online reputation.

We published in 2 months 320 positive reviews on Google Places, Insiderpages, Yahoo Places and a couple of more review websites. We also posted 6 positive reviews on YELP. John was pleased and he is still our client.  Total cost for John $658.


Abdul has a big problem with his bussiness: an article was published on about him and about his services. This article appears #5 when searching his main keyword on google. He wants the report dissaper.

We manually build social profiles, blogs and websites with unique content, we create backlinks pointing to them, we created backlinks pointing to the previews backlinks and we used tools for rapid indexing to search engine. This massive campain lasted 15 weeks and the results were: report was down to #31 on Google. Total cost for Abdul $499.

About our work

80% of our work is done manually. We are honest. We could say 100%, but we use some tools for second and third tier backlinks. We use some tools to spy competition, and we use some tools for monitoring search engine ranking.

We hire professional bloggers for articles and reviews.


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